Why Adelashes?

Adelashes is a vegan and cruelty free lash brand that believes that no living being needs to be harmed to create stunning, high quality lashes. All lashes are hand made, therefore assuring the best quality.


How many times I can wear one pair?

One pair can be used up to 25-30+ times if taken care of correctly. We recommend  gently cleaning the lash band from any excess glue after every use and putting it back to the original packaging.


What about the shipping?

At this moment we only ship to Slovak republic. We are planning a world-wide shipping option on the website in the future.


Is lash glue included?

No, the package doesn't include lash glue.


If you have any more questions, please feel free to reach out to us on our Instagram @adelashes_official or our e-mail address: adelashes.official@gmail.com.